April 14, 2014

collage1 I have a favorite mirror in a funky hip part of town in a bathroom in a restaraunt. A place where I grew up over the last year, where I had my first 39th birthday toast (there were more than one) and where I can bring my friends and feel so comfortable (hsp’s love returning to the safe places). And this mirror is round with old repurposed wood. The lighting is quite horrible, but you can get around that. I take a picture almost every time I visit. I sometimes leave little bathroom secret messages on it for someone to find later in the night. When I look back at each of the mirror pictures in this one place I see myself in time. I see where I have come from and I see where I am. Every so often I take a picture and I know that it is my guide to where I am going. I notice how I have started to loosen up in the picture, playing and posing, just for myself.

collage9I spent some time, probably a couple of years, avoiding mirrors. I had no full length mirror. I had to learn to feel who I was inside of my body and stop making a good day about how more or less bloated my belly was. I started to just look at my face, my neck, my breasts and my hair in the mirrors until over time I could slowly look at all of me. We are not only what we see in a mirror and yet it is the only way we will ever truly look at our own physical self. Isn’t there something incredibly powerful in that?

collage4When I ran Sexy and Sanguine I knew that we would need to spend time looking into mirrors and the mirrors of our cameras. There is an intimacy with yourself that happens when you see yourself and photograph yourself that doesn’t happen with another person. You learn to slow yourself down and look at the places that you have been afraid to see. My prompts were gentle but insisted that the pieces that we try to hide from were brought to the mirror for our own eyes to stop fighting and start seeing with truth. I witnessed these women fall in love with their own bodies and skin in a way they had been searching for in years of dieting, hiding, addictions and stories that weren’t their own.

collage7Some days I need to turn around. I am in so much pain that looking into my own eyes throws me to my knees. And so I let myself turn around and I find a new way of seeing myself. I’m still there. Not hiding just hurting. And hurting and sadness and pain are as much a truth as is joy. The day Kate Moss, also 39, had her Playboy spread come out I stood in the mirror, looked straight on and said, “This is my 39. I feel more confident and sexy than I ever have.” Looking into the mirror, capturing that moment in time always brings me back to the memory of claiming my number, my age, my lived experiences that are adding up to stories that keep getting more rich and luscious and filled.

collage8This time in the mirror, the photos that follow are my daily practice of seeing who I am today. I am never the same, always changed and flowing and my own Satnam. When I share them it is permission for you to see yourself as goddess as feminine source as truth as passion as joy as healing wounds as sexual as seen as growing sensuality as expression as pure physical beauty. As I heal I pass on the permission for you to heal. And to be seen. And to be beautiful and claim that knowing of beauty. And to be even more beautiful because of that time you spend seeing yourself as intimately as if your lover gave you his eyes.

collage2You may play. Smile or not. Be naked or not. Each day look at you. Find your own eyes and shape and make silly faces. Take the pictures. Create a collection of your beauty and travels and favorite places. Write the story of you growing up into your feminine truth rather than holding onto a belief that you aren’t worth your own beauty. We are life and love inside these bodies. Look at them. Adore them. Devour them with your own eyes and let the rawness of your sensual self start to be your new definition of who you are. Stand in the mirror and look.


Join us for more sensual living for 10 days of The Making Space Cleanse {For the sensual woman} starting April 21st.



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Feel me.

April 10, 2014

feel me

There are days when the sadness and old pains start to wiggle around and grab hold of the parts of you where they like to get stuck inside. Our job is to feel them, love them the fuck up and let them move.

And we choose.

I choose to be the eyes of sensual living; look into them and feel me. Feel me. As I am feeling the sadness wiggle around replaced by my smile.

And we choose.

I choose to stand fully naked, body opening, my skin mine again.

And we choose.

I choose a shower so hot my sweat runs with steam.

And we choose.

I choose time alone without the guilt of who else I’m supposed to be and road trips where the anger drops away with every mile behind the wheel.

And we choose.

I choose to rub your feet while you tell me your stories. I want to keep listening and make the clock stop. While you talk I can feel me.

And we choose.

I choose each word and they add up to paragraphs that reveal the pieces of me that want to be felt and held and laughed together; and they become written.

And we choose.

I choose to feel me in my skin in my sadness in my pleasure in me in you in my spirit guide of becoming.

And then we choose again.

we are for eachother: then

laugh, leaning back in my arms

for life’s not a paragraph

~ e.e. cummings


From Thursday’s Making Space love notes. Sign up in that box at the top of the page and on the right. Each week a little note of inspiration, poetry, prompting or challenge will float into your inbox.


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 making space bulletinmacrame

  • 10 days of Making Space for the sensual woman inside of you, through connecting with home, body and spirit
  • April 21st – April 30th
  • Soulwork, challenges, prompts that allow you to feel space and sensuality and carve out crazy amounts of beauty
  • All leading up to the New Moon on April 29th where we celebrate the spaces we’ve created
  • All new daily videos and some yummy recipes

making space jewels and lucas

On April 21st I will be taking my Magic Making Circle through a 10 day making space cleanse that I’ve designed just for our magical journey. Here is your invitation for 10 days of the sacred and the sensual along with us.

Join us $44.00

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making space kitchen messyclean

How do we get from where we are to where we want to be? We make space for joy in our now and watch the magic unfold.

It seems to happen without noticing. My drawers start to become tight, stuffed. Shoes spill all over my closet and none of my socks have a match. I start having more ‘stay in jammies’ days and less time feeling myself in the world. I gain weight. I have trouble seeing myself. Clutter finds me in piles of papers and kid stuff everywhere.

Home and body are temple. Our temple is sacred and calls forth our sensual self to nourish.

I remind myself that my life and my process are never linear. I will always be challenged by space and stuff and and a body that shifts under stress or joys. And when I start to feel so disconnected to my home I feel it in every part of myself. I see it in the corners, the piles, the tight fitting jeans and the groceries that don’t seem to prepare themselves.

So I take myself back into the process of making space. It is slow. It is guided. And it is sensual.

Last year I tattooed the word home on my foot. I was claiming home inside of myself. I can feel and see when my physical homes, my temples (my house, my body, my spirit) need more from me, when they are calling out for time and nurture and space. This is when I need to be led by my sensual self through time as beauty increases around me.

making space coffeefruit

This is only the beginning of inviting the magic in and dancing inside of rituals that feed our spirits and trusting that we are not only enough, but if enough could spill into overflowing, that is what we are.

Our homes, bodies and spirits are all a part of the journey. Focusing on those, we can then step into the loving task of finding our flow through our sensual nurture.  Making space is seeking out ritual and beauty, knowing that you will fall out of alignment as part of life’s dance and developing the skills to ease back when you do. A sensual woman has a sensual flow with space and the sacredness it holds.

making space sensual self

Inviting the sensual woman out to play…

  • One letter each day with a making space prompt :: visioning, photography, clearing and creating beautiful space
  • Small, simple gestures that you can take on at your own pace
  • Look at why you hold onto things or have trouble letting go of stuff, thoughts, habits
  • 10 days of learning how to listen to yourself, through reflection and day dreaming meditations
  • 10 days of setting aside soft space each day for dreaming, watching and simply being in your space
  • 10 days to tease out your sensual woman by taking on simple rituals, space clearing and time that is about you and that temple of yours
  • A online FB group of women going through the 10 days with you

making space buddhaand faith

Space for sensual eating, playing, living and feeling…

  • Never once will you be worried about breaking a rule
  • Daily recipes, straight from my kitchen, very few ingredients, gluten-free and mostly raw
  • 10 days of starting each day with softness and ease for your body
  • 10 days of learning that you are enough as you unearth your sensual woman
  • 10 days of watching your body release the habits that are making you exhausted, frustrated and full of anxiety
  • One letter a day for 10 days with a prompt to make more space and fill your cells with love and healing

 making space bedroom skull

Be improbable, beautiful…

  • Anyone who is ready to celebrate their homes, bodies and spirits through a clearing and creation of sacred space
  • Women who are feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in their home and body and wanting to make more space and create living spaces that are inviting, cozy and beautiful
  • Holistic business owners looking to connect to a deeper understanding of themselves, developing a deeper rhythm of self care and create space for their beautiful work
  • Mamas needing a support system and guidance in creating more rituals in the home and looking to connect to their beautiful sensual side that may feel lost inside of young children
  • Women who are ready to make more space and allow their spirits to feel empowered sensuality

Before you sign up, please know…

  • This is not a food cleanse but each day I share recipes that open up space and joy in my body
  • This is about creating space in your life, opening up, expanding and connecting to your sensual woman
  • This is about creating beautiful sensual spaces in your home and a feeling of space and freedom in your body and spirit
  • This is about you, your process and timing

 making space bagsand flowers


Ready to make some space like these amazing women?

“You can’t ask for a more uplifting, motivating and spiritual cleanse! It was better and more inspiring than I ever imagined. You’ll wake looking forward to a motivational email. It is all done in baby steps and achievable changes.” ~ Sarah Rich


“I would recommend this enlightening, soul enriching experience, to all who believe there is more to this life that so easily becomes a rut. slightly resistant, I allowed and trusted in Hannah, one of life’s angels (whom I had never met) and on this journey I evolved in so many positive ways.” ~ Toba Dadd


“A favourite quote of mine is from The Buddha – Do not believe just because wise men say so. Do not believe just because it has always been that way. Do not believe just because others may believe so. Examine and experience yourself.

I experienced for myself the changes which occurred within me and my thoughts to myself and my home after the Making Space Cleanse and Hannah’s soft and beautiful wisdom. You will learn how making your bed with linen you love can become a sacred ritual. How de-cluttering your home and releasing those old toys and books can release you from old emotional patterns and ways of being. I learned that by de-cluttering my daughters old toys I had created a space that allowed me to prepare with ease and grace her moving away from home to University.

Yes, the simple act of releasing clutter from our homes can be that powerful. Through this connection, you will find new connections to your home and yourself. Do not believe, just because wise women say so, examine and experience yourself – welcome to the journey.

Love and Blessings to you” ~Debbi Jackson


“I loved Hannah’s Making Space Cleanse. In this beautifully-crafted program, Hannah nudges you to make simple, gentle changes that give you room to breathe and feel more present in your daily life. This space-clearing doesn’t feel like a chore and won’t overwhelm you with more for your to-do lists. By adding simple, nurturing rituals to your routine, Hannah helps you to see the clutter that’s occupying your physical space, dragging your energy down, and preventing you from inviting beauty and joy into your life.

I cleared a lot of clutter during the cleanse, and somehow this felt light and easy to accomplish. The more I moved away, the more energy I felt. I also discovered that I’d been storing some personal baggage in a place that felt stuck for me… a wedding album from an unhappy marriage stashed away in my office. I created a sacred space and stored the album there… I’m honoring the journey I’ve been on, with all its twists and turns, but now I’ve created the space to move on and allow new and wonderful opportunities into my career and personal life. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next.” ~ Eithne Egan

making space wine and tea

2014 The Making Space Cleanse ©


I had a beautiful evening. Watching these women create and dream and leave with pieces of themselves captured on paper reminded why these gatherings are vital for our souls. The making, the circling, the giggles, the moment when someone discovers their ability to create something beautiful; it is change and joy and magic. And I got to see some of my Magic Making Circle members in person and they are stunning.
I knew the event would be called Paper Altars as I looked around and saw how much of my altars included secret messages, textures, fortunes, cards, vision pages. I just had no idea exactly what we would do. Enter Bernadette (pictured next to me above) and her creative ways. Bernadette made these paper altars that held three sections for us to work in.
Our prompts were around our past self, she was (but only about 6 months back) and our I am and our becoming, the self who is guiding us and shaping us. I asked everyone to bring a picture of themselves that they loved, that felt a bit like the spirit guide of self. The creation of the altars felt like prayer mixed with girls night. Bliss really.
Here is how you can create your own paper altar ::
Photo #1- We used an 11” x 14” sheet of poster board.

Photo #2-Fold the poster board in half 11” to 11” side.

Photo #3- Rub the folded edge to create a crease.

Photo #4- Using a ruler, draw  2 lines: 2.5 “ from each side edge, 3.25” long from folded edge.

Photo #5- Using scissors or a ruler with an X-Acto knife, cut along these two lines. Be sure to cut through both layers of poster board.

Photo #6- Open poster board and pull center cut piece towards you, reversing the existing crease on itself.

Photo #7- Keeping center piece on the inside, refold poster board on its original crease.

Photo #8- Rub on new fold to create new center crease.


Using words, images and textures we played with color story and where we were being guided. There were flowers and glitter and messages from past self to present. The altars are gorgeous.

There were also tipsy cherries. I found a jar of maraschino cherries with no food dye in them and drained the liquid from the jar. I replaced it with bourbon and let them sit for about 12 hours. Then I took the cherries and placed them on parchment paper. I drizzled melted dark chocolate over each one and then placed in refrigerator until we gathered. It made the perfect one bite treat as we circled at the end of the night with story, laughs and maybe a couple of tears.


Bernadette and I have a special surprise for 2 people. Your own paper altar form and a bag stuffed with fun fabric and texture and paper to start to create your own paper altar. I will include the prompts to play with also.

To enter the giveaway here is what you can do ::

Leave a comment on the blog, down below. Tell us three words or phrases of who you are becoming. Let your self that is in the future be a guide, spend time with her, listen and dream together.

I will choose the winners on Sunday, April 6th. xo





March 27, 2014

becoming hands on head690

she is becoming.

she is becoming the result of third eye focus, believing who you are and white jeans buttoning beautifully on her skin.

she is becoming each bead on a strand adding up to boundless flow.

she is becoming hands wearing time, a drunken cherry wave of giddiness.

she is becoming the calm after the awakening which is the waves of mama ocean.

she is becoming her own wildwood.

she makes a mug of tea, cups it in her hands and warms her body in preparation for the journey through the trails of mud, ferns, naps, movement and new faces of love.

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Becoming hydrated.

March 14, 2014


Starting with 2 liters. Increasing my bathroom visits like crazy. I can actually start to feel the hydration under my skin like when they hook you up to IV and you feel the cool liquid start to absorb inside of you.

It feels like a thousand breaths I had forgotten to take. I think I am smiling more.

It feels like a return to a body that understood how to be nourished.

Dehydration was a life-line. A bladder that stopped working during a time in my life that was an emotional trauma, although a bladder that never really could hold much, even as a young girl.

When I met my husband 20 years ago, one of the first things I asked him to promise me was if we were ever in a car together and I needed to pee, that he would pull over as soon as he could. He agreed and always has. The little girl quite afraid of her bladder.

A bladder that in 2000 worsened after a surgery for a miscarriage. Urgency increased, it was constant.

And so my bladder wasn’t working. So I stopped drinking water. I drank herbal tea and my morning decaf. I would have wine. But water. Water goes right through me. Bathroom becoming a full time job. I didn’t have time. While I always have a mug of something in my hands I rarely ever finish any of them. Tea gets dumped out, coffee goes cold. (I usually finish the wine!)

If I held back my water I still over used the bathroom but the sense of constant urgency wasn’t there.

The urgency is fear. Fear wasn’t where I wanted to land.

Becoming hydrated was a huge decision. I am day 5. I feel fucking amazing. I look in the mirror and I feel like I am glowing. Dreams are full of water and waves and movement that only water can bring.

It came with the shift in my life that I set up over these next 6 months. Less stress, less computer and more movement. My body and I are falling back in love.

She was so desperately thirsty.

Each day I flow and sweat through yoga, I drink water, I take a nap. (I know. I nap.) Becoming hydrated comes with a practice far beyond water. Taking the kids out the other day to the mall for Pokemon cards I needed to go twice in a short amount of time. I yielded to the bathroom stops. It was fine. I was fine. I drank more water.

I had become so swollen and insatiable for salt. My rings didn’t fit. My body was crying out for me to move through the fear of the urgency. I used to joke that I wished I could just be hooked up to an IV once a day, I was so terrified of those glasses of water.

Simple things we take for granted. Becoming hydrated.

So I will be the one in the restaurant that goes to the bathroom many times. I will be the one who has to time her long walks so they happen during a water break. I will be the one who trusts her bladder enough to hold her hydration.

And so I will drink. Because I am so, so thirsty.



paperaltar4PicMonkey Collage

Date: Friday, March 28th 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Cost: $45
Space Limited: 15 people
Live event: Creating and receiving paper altars. Exploring who we are becoming.

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paperaltar1PicMonkey Collage

As I looked around at my many sacred spaces filled with altars I noticed the textures, the papers, the secret messages and the gifts that I had received as blessings from those who surround me with love, often in the form of cards and words. I hang mixed media art and vision pages, cards with dreams and little bits and pieces of magic that find their way to me.

In Magic Making Circle we are creating altars, exploring who we were, are and will be and allowing them to infuse into our altars. I am lit up and guided by the who I am becoming. She has become spirit guide and my wisdom. She knows where I am journeying and keeps sending me people and messages to walk with me.

Rather than feeling frustrated that we aren’t where we want to be, we will be using the wants and needs and desires inside of us to become guides, to teach us. The who we are becoming holds the wisdom of the steps we must start to take to become them.

During this beautiful gathering at The Loft, I will prompt you through several projects using paper and photos and special bits that I’ll have for you as you start to listen to the self that you are becoming. We will create little altar offerings for our sacred spaces.

(These prompts will be part of the Magic Making Cirlce, so you’ll get a glimpse into the gorgeous work we are doing together virtually in person.)

What to bring: a sacred photo of yourself (face or part of your body), any clippings from magazines that you wish to use during the evening, special cards or words from others and byob. I will have lots of snacks and sweet things for us to enjoy during our time.

paperaltars2PicMonkey Collage

paperaltar3PicMonkey Collage


Need a boundary?

March 9, 2014

screen window shot

In friendship. In love. In space holding. In decisions.

Need a boundary?

It is yours, right now, a deserving because you are.

Their feelings are not yours to hold but baby you must hold your own.

Need a boundary?

Let others feel their way through, it is a journey of magic they will walk if given the space to know themselves.

And you. Grab your boundary. Put it in place. Breathe it in. Do not apologize. You become better for it.

Roots start to ground your decisions, desires; each moment guided by your future self and the second that moved through you, just then.

I want to gift you with the knowing that your boundaries are a piece of you that can be unearthed, practiced and tended like the most tenderhearted being.

Their shit is their shit. Let them live their story. Let them sort it, heal it and baby let them hold it.

Need a boundary?

Feel your part and your words and the way your body is receiving. Ask your throat chakra to help you open into the truth that wants to spill and become the ocean waters that soothe you.

It is yours right now. Listen. Grab it. Protect it with the fierceness of mama bear.





Magical loft weekend sessions.

February 25, 2014

“The Loft is a magical place- a life-sized fairy house of twinkle lights and swirling colors and inspirational art and quotes. It’s a Red Tent in the city, a place where Hannah and her tribe create soft, safe space for women to breathe, eat, drink, create, dream and reconnect to their true soul whispers. Connections are made, differences are cherished, truths are honored. I felt heard and known and respected, encouraged to be my best self and use my powers for good. What a life-shifting blessing!” ~ Melissa


We are not here to simply live on this earth. We are here to experience, feel, evolve, desire, devour, share, dance and open.

I want to live sensually. The choices I make must revolve around feeling good and bringing good.

We must circle with our women as part of the deep self-care work we will all be called towards.

This circling for me is a calling so that we don’t disappeare from our own eyes and dreams and desires.

It is filling a hole inside that often feels gaping and raw.

When you combine the beauty of self care with the kickass mastermind of women who love pushing the edges of heart-centered business you create swirling magic.

The Loft holds the Dear Universe wall, twinkle lights, visioning supplies, giggles, bubbly, love and so much more for you.


Here is how the weekends will work ::

2-3 women will gather at The Loft in Pawtucket, RI (the airport is about 20 minutes away) for a 2 night sleepover. The Loft has a King size bed that sleeps 2 and a twin bed. Everything you need for the weekend will be there from white fluffy towels, bubbles and epsom salt for the bath to twinkle lights, coffee and tea and food that you don’t have to cook (Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and lunch, Sunday breakfast)!

Friday night after everyone arrives we will settle in, cozy up, have dinner and talk about what we want from the time together. This will be our dinner strategy magic making! We’ll make a list and hang it on the wall to guide us in the morning. After dessert and bubbly I will say good-night and join you for breakfast in the morning.

Saturday each participant will have 2 solid hours focused on them (my private hourly rate is $300 an hour, so that is what you are paying for with everything else a bonus). This can be website related, building an ecourse, blogging, content creation, planning, idea based strategy, etc. This can also be outside of business touching on relationship, dreams, anything that is present for you. (We will be using our Friday night lists for these sessions.)

You will be a part of each other’s magic making sessions in various ways. It’s gonna be good!

These sessions will be intense. They will pull a lot out of you. You will feel exhausted and lifted up all at once. We will play music and pour a glass of wine to celebrate once we have completed them!!!

After we mastermind and mine and dream and feel and plan and absorb we will hit the city. We will get dressed up, sacredly adorned and probably smell really good as we adventure out. I’ll take you with a private driver to one of my favorite spots in Providence for dinner and drinks and we’ll let all of it melt away and celebrate.

Sunday morning sleep in or make plans to walk around the city. This day is yours. Stay as long as you want at The Loft together or adventuring out. Visioning supplies are always set up at The Loft and this will be your day to integrate and relax. (You will need it, try to schedule this down time into your travel plans!) Gluten-free muffins, fruit, coffee and tea will be waiting for you in the morning. (Arrangements can be made for you to stay Sunday night if your travel schedule calls for it. Just let me know.)

Surprises and little gifts will unfold each weekend. They will all be different and amazing. Amazing, I promise.


Some details ::

Once 2-3 women have requested a specific date I will send you an invoice for the weekend. The weekend is non-refundable unless you or I are able to secure the spot with another participant. Much preparation happens ahead of time, so please, only sign up if you are 100% in!

More dates may become available. If you and a friend know a specific date that works for your travel please email me about that. I am crazy amounts of flexible and want to make it work for you.

The $600 goes towards your stay at The Loft and all food and beverages other than the Saturday night dinner in the city. The city dinner is yours to choose and buy. Breakfast will be the only meal provided on Sunday.

Private Magic Making Circle Event Dates

May 23-25 (1 open space)

June 13-15  FULL!

July 25-27  FULL!

August 8-10 FULL!

Open Dates for All

 Choose your own dates, gather your group, we’ll work it out (3 spaces available)


$600 non-refundable

Includes your magic making 2 hour session, lodging, food Friday night, Sat morning and afternoon and Sunday morning as well as little surprises along the way. I will be with you Friday and Saturday, Sunday is a free day, an integration day. Stay as long as you like at The Loft and in the city.

To reserve your space

$75 deposit to hold your space. Send an email to hello@hannahmarcotti.com to request the weekend dates that you are interested in.

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Circling is vital to the movement. As women we crave this ‘red tent’ time together where we can nurture and be nurtured in a collective wave. We want to lead and be led, touch and be touched.

Circling is a form of healing when you stop fighting against feelings of jealousy, status, competition, judgement and open space for the truth inside of those feelings and allow yourself time inside of vulnerability, nurture, love, gentle power and forgiveness. Together.

Circling is showing up in truth and sharing what feels good.

Circling is allowing others to lay hands on your wounds and then holding that hand in gratitude and love.

Circling is the deepest form of fear for many of us who were taught that women are jealous of us and we cannot show up in our light.

Circling is the rhythm of sharing meals, fears and giggles.

“I felt so lifted up and so held and seen and heard. In a way I had never expected or experienced. Being at The Loft gave me a feeling of connection that was something so new for me and now I know I can’t be without it. And I never realized the sheer power and strength and love without judgment that could be possible with a circle of women! My time at The Loft was amazing and I can’t wait to return for more. I yearn for it!”

“The weekend at The Loft really shook things up for me in a soft and gentle way.”

“There was such freedom to share and spill and soak and release together. I am still basking in the overflow of the intentional self-care and sacred community that was birthed from my time at the Loft.”


Why I am changing it all.

February 24, 2014

“And the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.” Erica Jong

PicMonkey Collage2

“Her pleasure in the walk must arise from the exercise and the day, from the view of the last smiles of the year upon the tawny leaves and withered hedges, and from repeating to herself some few of the thousand poetical descriptions extant of autumn–that season of peculiar and inexhaustible influence on the mind of taste and tenderness–that season which has drawn from every poet worthy of being read some attempt at description, or some lines of feeling.”  Jane Austen

PicMonkey Collage4

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” Maya Angelou

PicMonkey Collage3

I have no answers. Just songs. I want to walk. Bake cookies. Feel my body again. I can already feel the rain kissing me, gathering at my feet as I sweat and move.





Be tender.

The song.

Trust in the lift of more than can be held.

Circle with the ones who want to sing.

Change it. Love the foundation.

Trust it. Revere space.




Let it be sacred. Open Sunday 1-4. Really be there.

And let the rain adore each part of the woman who makes up me.


I’m changing it all. For 6 months the only way to work with me in a live group will be in the Magic Making Circle. I want to really be there. And adore and sing and cherish.

There are still a few days left to join and open and let it be sacred as the rain kisses you.