we are for eachother: then laugh, leaning back in my arms for life’s not a paragraph

~ e.e. cummings

she said ::

“i feel like i am so many different people in one hour. the little girl, the woman, the bad ass, the asshole, the warrior. they get jumbled together and instead of feeling them i’m trying to ignore them.”

she said ::

“i feel that way all the time. and i have been thinking about it a lot lately actually… and how trying to allow space for all of it often leaves me feeling exhausted and depleted. so here’s my recent flip. we need all these parts of ourselves. they are vital. because how amazing is that we have these selves to call upon to guide us through what is in front of us in any given moment. and even the ones that appear to be wounds or gaping holes are guides too. big time.”

this is how my women talk, daily. these women are my team, my inspirations, my heart. and we don’t let any part of who we are get away with not being seen and loved.

these women know that when i invite them over for a business mastermind dinner it will be one part business talk, one part yummy food and one part crazy making with kids everywhere and laughter and stories and sometimes a few tears.

one of my wishes last year was to be the most amazing mom i could be, meaning less anger and exhaustion and more fun and loving moments. i could see her. she used to be part of me. she is fun and spontaneous and she includes her kids in all the parts of her life, including her business dinners.

he said ::

“do you realize that you have created the most amazing life for yourself? do you realize really what you have done?”

he said ::

“we have too much fun together. it just really shouldn’t be allowed.”

he said ::

“i will take a nap at lunch while you write today.”

this is the man i love. i tell him all the time that i do know that i have designed my life, the life of my dreams. it was no accident. i know what i want. i dream it, vision it, find the feeling inside of it and then i live inside that feeling.

and he knows. because he is doing the same thing.

this is my freedom. our freedom plan. my life of design which is now our life of our design. sometimes we feel almost guilty for how beyond amazing it is becoming.

i tell him that i feel like i have two different parts to my work. the part that is the coach, the guide, the writer and the part that has built in enough space and ease in her life to be there full time for her kids, for him, for my women. i may not get paid in cash for this second part but it is why i do what i do. why i create what i create. why i am so driven to live inside this life of my design.

so that all the parts of me have time to be lived fully. to be seen. i need to love up others. to cook for the people i love. to wake up with my love and make him breakfast while he readies for work. to host my women. to pick up my kids from school and sit at the table doing homework while singing katy perry songs.

this freedom plan is creating the life of my dreams. possibly better than what i could even let myself dream. because when we let ourselves let go of the details, the universe might just raise the vibration on the details that come forth.

i adore the parts of me. i love shape shifting as needed. pulling forth the parts of who i am and mixing and mingling them is a superpower.

and so instead of ignoring all the parts of who we are, we feel them. allow them. welcome them. learn from them. believe that they are all teaching us something. and the more we love them up, the more they will start to integrate and feel seen.

then we get to choose. what parts do we love the most?

i love the story teller who can’t tell a linear story and often forgets why she was even telling the story.

she said ::

“babe. i have three reasons for this. wait. i can’t remember the second. but i have three.”

i love the wild, funky, fun, a little too loud, talk to anyone weird mama/woman.

she said ::

“mom. do you have to ask everyone their entire life? can’t you just buy the boys a pretzel and just buy the pretzel?”

an on the eve prompt.



make a list of all the parts of you. the ones you adore. the ones you wish you could kick out. the ones that others remind you or mirror for you.

get out a big piece of paper. make the list.

then next to each one find the feeling inside of it. my story teller part is the feeling of joy and adoration. the wild funky part is connection and freedom. the mom who has no patience and yells part is fear and exhaustion.

find all the feelings. then circle the ones you want to dress up inside of? which parts of you hold the feelings of the woman you want to embody and be inside of right now? which parts of her are the ones guiding you towards your own freedom plan, the life of your design?

find the feelings. then go dress her up. does she need a scarf in her hair, silver fake tattoos on her arms, long feather earrings or a suit with heels and red lipstick?

does she have a signature color (i am gray) or scent? does she go the market in her leather jacket and sexy boots looking like the hottest mom or does she put on her leggings and big sweater and sit on a sheepskin rug to write?

every day she can be new, change, show up for the parts that she is today.

and she can find love and softness for the parts that aren’t her favorites because they all belong. they all guide her inside of her life of design. her freedom. her joy. her heart centered business that becomes her freedom plan.

who is she today? who is the woman who believes she can dream, vision, create and manifest the life of her design? dress her up. be inside of the feeling. send blessings to all her parts.

she said ::

“today is amazing. and it is only becoming more amazing with the support of all of you. my circle. the ones who i tell my dreams to and who believe in them often more than i do.”

he said ::

“good morning beautiful. i am a powerful manifestor.”

she said ::

“i am ready. i’ve got this.”

today make your list. find the feeling of the parts you want to embody today. dress her up. let her be seen and felt.

she is you. you are her. and this is the life of your design.

magic making business circle starts in the morning.

4 months.

all your parts.
all the feelings.
all the work and ritual and rhythm.
all the women circling you and your dreams.

join us.


sexy and sanguine.

October 30, 2015


What :: 4 weeks of sexy and sanguine soulwork prompts, challenges and explorations

Why :: Confidence is freaking HOT.

When ::  November 16th

Cost :: $69 (sexiest price right?)

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Your rogue ecstasy, your story of fantasy, your beautiful spaces?

Have you embraced the romance of waking up in your skin?

Can you feel the sensuality inside of grey, the rawness of an orange sky, the taste of a kiss full of red wine?

Do you reflect your light in others and draw their curiosity of pleasure into you?

Have you ripened? Have you ripened?

In a past life/future life have you stood in the blossoming of your sexuality with your senses exploding, in the gift of feeling?

And from that self that was or will be can you feel her guiding you?

Are you sexy and sanguine?

Do you feel belly passion?

Can you close your eyes and paint your beauty by numbers?

Is there a knowing in your toes, your ears, your breasts that each piece of you is loved and sacred and on the journey towards whole?

Is there a candle waiting to be lit that is celebrating you, celebrating her, celebrating this gorgeous life that you have claimed?

And where can you whisper ‘oh yes. oh yes. oh yes’?

Let me take you there. To the yes. To the roughness of your edges and the dance of your awakening.

Do you truly know her?

Sexy :: Stimulating. Erotic. Desirable. Appealing. Hot.

Sanguine :: Bloodred. Temperament of cheerfulness. Confidence.

When I was 22 I was out walking with a friend. I had long blonde hair, worked out often, was a champion dieter, known for really good skin and living in Seattle pursuing acting, 2 years away from marriage.

My friend said to me, “Whenever we are out I just watch men look at you, turn their heads.” 2 days later I went to a Salon and cut off all my hair. Not in the cute or sexy-declaration-of-myself-as-a-woman way, in the I-don’t-want-to-be-seen way. It terrified me. My sexual self, at 22, she scared me. I wanted to hide from her.

While many 22 year olds were out exploring their sexuality and beauty I found myself wanting to stuff it into a little box and find a hiding place for it. Part of my dieting history had so much to do with not wanting to be seen.

I was terrified of myself. Of my skin. Of my beauty. Of my yes.

This may not have been your 22 year old story. It may have happened after your marriage vows. Or when your first baby made her appearance. Maybe it was a story of a younger age or the fear of turning 50.

Or maybe your sexual confidence just slowly faded as the role of young woman turned into wife, mother, worker, nurturer, tender, multi-tasker.

Confidence is alluring, hot, sexy. Each year many of us choose a guiding word or phrase that will be the feeling we want to draw into our experiences, and it is a powerful practice. When I created this course last year my guiding phrase was gracefully sexy. All to lead me further into hot confidence.

Confidence is gracefully sexy.

Managing finances is gracefully sexy.

Feeling delicious in your skin is gracefully sexy.

Creating healthy boundaries is gracefully sexy.

Sexy and Sanguine Woman know…

  • boundaries are beautiful.
  • dreams come true from feelings.
  • closets are sanctuaries.
  • the shade of lipstick that lights them up, or the perfect lipgloss to plump.
  • just when breakfast is for dinner and that bubbly can happen anytime, anywhere.
  • the part of their body they always hated can actually guide their pleasure.
  • pleasure.
  • how to hold a gaze.
  • how to receive. Really.
  • how to stand in front of a mirror naked.
  • to kiss and say hello before listing off complaints.
  • beauty is in the details.
  • how to hold space.
  • feeling sexy is inside and out.
  • that iterative living is gorgeous.
  • how to take risks.
  • saying yes is a turn on, after learning to say no.
  • that listening changes everything.
  • how to follow their animal spirit guide or tarot card into sacred space.
  • that hot confidence is a practice.
  • how to walk into a room and really see.
  • how to ask the questions that flip it all around.
  • that hot confidence is fierce magic.
  • that an awakening is non-negotiable.

What you’ll need for this course…

  • A camera, iphone is great
  • Some apps for your picture editing which I’ll share with you at start
  • A journal to poem and vision in, I love Moleskines
  • Some white space, clear the calendar a bit for some sexy and sanguine prompts
  • A hot date, with yourself, with a girlfriend or many, with your lover… in celebration

How it will work…

  • One prompt a day for 28 days alternating between photo prompts and soulwork prompts
  • Guest posts from women who have made a practice of loving and photographing their bodies
  • A FB group where we will gather and share our photos and our soulwork
  • An instagram hashtag for online sharing, though those photos will be the more cropped versions ;)
  • 4 weeks of learning to feel incredibly sexy in our skin


I look at who I am now after a year of this sexy and sanguine guiding soulwork and I am blown away. I feel gorgeous in my skin. I take my really bad days and I flip them around by getting infront of my camera. I made some huge life shifting decisions in this last year that took me from an edge of pain and unknowing into joy and movement.


I learned to spend time with my belly, the part of my body that gave me the most angst, torture that I had carried since childhood.

I photographed my belly, spent time adoring it and let myself lead my sexuality with this part of me that for so long had been hidden as though it was what made me unworthy of love. I look at the pictures of me now I can’t believe I am the same woman. I feel like I have grown new skin. Every part of my cells seem to have changed into something lighter and filled with compassion and adoration for my own eyes.

My invitation to you is to come along for 4 weeks but to know that this journey will last into your year of 2016. It will be the beginning of a practice into deep sexy and sanguine living. I believe it will change your life.

Looking at yourself through the lens, doing the soulwork prompts, letting other women adore you and see you, you will not leave the same woman. You will leave with your sexy and sanguine in your soul.

I know, you have some questions…

Do I have to get naked? Nope. But most of the women do in some way start to look at their body, their skin, their nakedness through the camera. Often it is just the curve of a hip or their shoulder and arm in the sunlight. You absolutely do not.

Do I need to share all my photos in the group? You can share whatever feels good to you. Or share them with your partner privately. Or keep them all to yourself. This is about you seeing you through your lens. I will say one of the most life changing parts of this course is seeing other women’s bodies and the words that flow back to them and lift them. I am  in awe of the beauty that I am met with each day inside of this circle.

I am taking your Magic Making Business Circle, will I be able to do both? You absolutely can. What I always suggest is that you carve out a little bit of time each day for this soul work, kind of like the ritual of a cup of coffee or morning shower. The Business course will be weekly prompts, giving us time to explore and take big actions and this course is daily. Tiny bites of prompts. I deeply believe that both work together.

We will also be able to use this course as a great reference for the work we are doing in biz, as well as talking about things from Community Grace (which we will pull in).

I know you have more questions. Email us at hello@hannahmarcotti.com and we’ll find an answer or two just for you.






(photo from ruthpclark.com)

i soaked the brown rice in water and apple cider vinegar. defrosted the shrimp. rubbed the kale. rubbed it some more. watched for hours as it went from over flowing the bowl down to a small tight mound of green.

the kids always know when it is a night when i need them to desire less attention from me. they push for just a bit more than they typically ask for. but they are so much fun.

i had asked two of my dearest friends, ruth and melissa, to come over and i would feed them and do some business coaching/masterminding with their businesses. i am out of practice and i wanted some beautiful humans to work with. and i knew we would have fun, no matter what.

i had an image of the night that didn’t match up.

what i received was a huge gift. laughter. my kids showing me how amazing they are and how good we are and how right i was making the choices i have made so i can be the mother i have always wanted.

my life being designed beautifully after a whole shit ton of hard work.

my boyfriend texting me saying he was thinking of me and wishing he was there with us.

my friends loving each other up. talking about their dreams and visions and more dreams.

and I sat there in absolute joy. i felt like i was home. because i am home.

home in my skin, in my knowing, in my fear, in my failures, in my risks, in my love, in my mothering, in my dharma, in my sexuality, in my happiness.

i am home. and the people gathering around me are manifestations of what i have desired for as long as i can remember.

they let me nurture them and love them and hold space for them and laugh with them and then they ask me what i need and then tell me how they are going to show up for me.

i am home. and we talk business as the kids show up in their own ways around us. accepting this, accepting me, accepting this life i have been dreaming of for them.

we talk about hope and faith. we eat shrimp and rice and kale.

and ruth googles jim carrey’s famous speech. and he says, “hope walks through the fire and faith leaps over it.”

i feel like i am flying over the fire. i feel lifted and loved in ways i never thought i would be able to take in, to draw into myself.

our hamster that has been missing and suspected of building her nest under our oven made some commotion as we were talking business in the living room.

we miss her. she was my companion during the early days of separation when the kids would be at their dad’s house and i would be with myself, struggling to know who i was now.

we miss her. so my middle little one set up watch and waited for one hour until he finally saw her run out to taste an orange we set out for her. she saw him and ran away. and his tears slipped out as he slid into bed after his hunting for the little hamster came to an end.

and we continued to laugh. and dream. we turned out the lights so the boys could sleep. and i sat on my chair and saw the texts from the man i am falling more in love with every minute that passes.

i felt like i was glowing. my women. my kids. my man. even my hamster.

faith. i walked through the fire for years. and it hurt. and i was lost.

but now my faith is so strong i am flying. the hope brought me to risk. the pain of what i knew was not my destiny, the walking through fire, the hard work. it gave me wings. and joy.

and here i am. leaping over fire. home. inside the giggles and snuggles and deep kisses and long talks.

the simplest things bring me joy. cooking them dinner. listening to their silliness. rubbing his feet as he tells me stories of his past. knowing texts from friends i adore.

my women leave and the kids are asleep. the house is dark and quiet. the hamster making no movement.

i pour a glass of water and brush my teeth. i think about setting the coffee pot but am too tired.

i text him back. the words that have become ours over the last few months.

“i love you still.”

and at the same time we text each other…

“i love you again.”

and we leap over the fire together.



i ask for so little

September 18, 2015



i have a story. in three bubbles.

part martyr bubble. part not allowing bubble. part fear bubble.

my story starts with these words, “well, i ask for so little, so…”

the martyr bubble has no idea how to receive. she only does. only wants to do. i mean, she asks for so little and does so much. please don’t try to do for her. she has no time for that.

the not allowing bubble part of the story has not learned how to look inside and figure out what she needs. and she has needs. lots of them. she spent so long not having needs met that she doesn’t even know how to search for them, so she asks for so little…

the fear bubble is an interesting one. the fear is that it is not safe to ask. it is not safe to want. it is selfish to need. and the biggest fear, that she doesn’t deserve to need or communicate those needs.

i have been telling this story, with my little bubbles, for a long (long) time. a beautiful soul recently challenged me around my story. he challenged me to think about what i was really saying with those words, how i was triggering others and creating a system of my expectations from others.

and after he challenged my story i saw the bubbles fall down around me. and i realized how layered this story was. and how it was holding me down and creating disconnect in relationships.

i must learn how to receive and allow others to receive pleasure from doing for me. i also need to learn that i don’t have to hold it all myself.

i am allowed to need. to want. to ask. i am allowed to go inside and figure out what feels good to me and communicate those needs. without fear.

and fear? teaching me so much. as fear does. it is teaching me that i am ready to feel safe. to ask for safety when i ask for what i need. my needs may not be able to be met the way i hope, i may have to adjust or call in patience, but they don’t stand a shot if i don’t ask. if i don’t put myself out there.

so i wrote a new story. in three bubbles.

and it goes something like this, “i look inside for what i need. in safety i am able to share my needs. meeting my needs brings others joy.”




Moving Day

August 24, 2015




she is grace, love and abundance.
she has taught me how to receive, how to understand, how to know myself at a deeper level.
and she is moving.
leaving the country for a year.
she is selling all her belongings and moving out of the country.
she is bravery. risk. and gorgeous.

her bravery triggered my fears. about losing her, being alone, being left.
she is one of my secret weapons in business, the person i talk to about playing ‘small’ rather than wanting to be bigger than what my life and heart can hold.
i pushed her away when i couldn’t hold the sadness around her leaving.
my fears in life and love and business were all unearthed as she prepared to move.
and she is moving.

she has set up her life and love and business so that she can be anywhere. at any time.
she is letting go of all she owns so she can be free and stretch to a new edge.
there are tears and nerves and growing pains for her, for him, for all of us.
my love and i went and helped her, them, pack up their home.
we took her furniture and her energy with us into the second half of our lives together. her energy and blessings are pulsing inside of the physical things she is releasing to us.
and she holds my heart, as she prepares to move.

her moving day feels like the moment i knew i would have a third baby and had lost myself and had to find her again.
her moving day feels like the moment i enrolled in school to start a business that called to me and scared me.
her moving day feels like the moment i told him i was done and my heart needed to be set free.
her moving day feels like the first moment i paid for rent and food and bills for my kids and i all on my own from the money i earned from the business i grew out of nothing into something.
her moving day feels like the moment he asked if he could kiss me, our nerves were palpable and we were both shaking inside.
her moving day feels like the moment i decided to trust him to be my life partner, because it scares me that he might be gone tomorrow.
her moving day feels like the moment i launch a new program wondering if i will be able to pay rent and feed my kids and plan the next six months of income.
her moving day feels like the moment i believed in me, in her, in him, in my life’s calling, in my family.

her moving day is a good-bye and a hello. an end that is the beginning. a fear that is love.

her moving day is everything i have risked to set up my life so that i can be free and circle and be there for my calling.

her moving day is how we change our lives. how we risk it. how we call in the next vibration of who we are becoming.

her moving day is her knowing that her business will allow her to be inside of freedom and joy and release.

her moving day is a promise and whisper and reminder and vibration for all of us that it is worth it.
the fear.
the uncertainty.
the chance.
the unknowing that is the deepest knowing.
the iterations that are now. now.

she is grace.
she is my constant.
she holds me tight as i cry into her neck.
she tells me that i deserve all of it.
she promises me as she stands there on her moving day that everything that blesses me now is because i give and now the return is a million fold.
she squeezes me as i tell her how much i love her and that i can do this, i can let her go because her going is freedom for all of us.

and she is moving.
and she is so blessed because she is risk, she is joy, she is the knowing inside the truth that movement changes everything.



our plans

I found out I was pregnant with Lucas, my third baby,  just as I was starting to feel like I was entering the world from a long deep stay inside of raising young children. I got scared that I would lose myself and yet I was so thrilled at the idea of another baby, surprise that he was.

I made a leap of faith to enroll in school to become a health coach. At that point in my life my second, Eli, was eating ‘quesadilla pizzas’ which were brown rice and seaweed in a tortilla, so food as health and medicine was my thing. (Disclaimer, no longer does quesadilla pizza filled with seaweed fly with my kids!)

I spent almost a year piling my whole family plus our dog into a tiny car (which is why we eventually got a minivan) and spending weekends in NYC going to school during the day, coming back at night to nurse the baby who would boycott a bottle all day long. He was four months old when I started and walking by the time I graduated.

I love food. I love food as medicine. But what really lit me up were the chunks of time at school when they would talk about business. I realized this was my turn-on. Marketing. Sales. Creating your own income based on your passion. Freedom.

coyoteloon tags

My whole life I wanted my own business. I own a lot of domain names. A. Lot.

I come up with a new business idea almost daily.

When I started my business, called Hannah’s Harvest, I didn’t know how to send an attachment inside of an email. I had only just signed up for Facebook, clueless of the reach it would one day provide for my business. I had amazing mentors and coaches in my life. They patiently taught me step by step how to do everything from writing a blog post to editing a photo to starting a newsletter.

I studied businesses that I adored. I watched. I learned. I saw what I didn’t like. I saw what I loved. I was patient. I accepted that I would fail a shit ton before I would succeed. Every ‘failure’ I flipped into a learning moment.

The second year of business I made about $2,000 and I was out of my mind happy. It took me 4 more years to make an income that provides my gorgeous home, my life, my freedom. More than anything I am so proud of myself. That I kept going. That I knew I would and could do this. I was born for this. I was made to create businesses that make others feel amazing, special, loved, understood, seen, held.

My dharma is making others feel special and know that they can do anything, anything, they dream of.

I am a manifestor of the life of my dreams. I am a magic maker. I am all I desire.


There are days when I worry. When I want to quit and give up and run away. When I am exhausted with single parenting three kids and running two businesses. Those days are part of the magic. The magic of knowing what we want.

I want more ease inside of my businesses and so I am constantly challenging my own business model. I still think most days that I am that tired mama making $2000 in the business she created out of nothing. Because she is my superhero. She is my motivation. She is my muse. I adore what she created for me. Because she never gave up. She doesn’t give up. She knows she can do hard things and does them.


I am a magic maker. And so are you.

My invitation to you is to step inside a circle of women who are creating the businesses of their dreams or are dreaming of the businesses that will one day light them up, turn them on, create their freedom.

My invitation to you is to believe in your soulwork. In your dharma. In your joy.

My invitation to you is to become the magic maker who allows failure to fuel them, who tries, who doesn’t give up. Who fights for what they know they were put here to do.

My invitation to you is to join our circle and find your magic. Your business. Your heart centered work.

My invitation to you is to say yes to all that you know you can create, inside of the most amazing circle of women you will ever meet.

My invitation to you is to say yes. And yes again. And again.

We start November 11th on the cusp of the New Moon and will circle together for four months. When you sign up the first payment comes out now and each month after there is an auto withdrawal on the same date each month for the three months following.

$89.00 for four months

Inside this circle ::

  • monthly group coaching live calls which will be recorded
  • a free invitation to join Community Grace if you sign up by September 1st, as preparation for the work we will be doing
  • weekly prompts to help you move forward, take risks, open yourself to marketing, dreaming and creating in a new way
  • a circle of women working inside of their heart centered businesses to inspire and support
  • live chats inside of our Facebook group circle to ask me anything and share with the circle
  • the invitation to celebrate yourself and all that you bring to the world, to celebrate your gifts and superpowers

We will explore ::

  • marketing that allows you to feel authentic and true
  • money. yes. money.
  • communication with tribe and building that tribe
  • blogging, newsletters, bios, sales pages… you know, the writing piece
  • how to use social media for expanding and connecting
  • failure and success
  • upper limit ceilings and sicknesses (oh yes, this is a big one)
  • patience and pacing and movement and inspired actions
  • and you know, all the things that come up along the way

name it

 What women who have participated in MMC for Business are saying:

“Exploring business with Hannah is like doing anything with Hannah – filled with magic! If you are into smart, sexy, sacred work then this is place for you. The ways that this program changed my business (and me) are too many to be named here but I will share that for years the biggest struggle in my business was how to market my work in this world without the ick factor. One of the most important things I learned from working with Hannah was how to connect with my tribe and share my offerings in a way that feels heart-centered and authentic. Hannah’s program is filled with soul-stirring prompts to fuel your business (and your life) and a creative community to support you along the journey. Imagine a virtual living room full of like-minded businesswomen who will become your dear friends! Hannah gathers some of the most amazing women on the planet and the connection I’ve found in her circles is unmatched.”   – Mindy Scime 

“If you are ready and willing for your heart to lead the dance inside of your business… if you are ready to have faith in success that seems to have no roadmap but sure seems to have a lot of happy possibilities… If you are ready to surrender to the beautiful truth that your business, and your life, might in fact be better than you ever believed, then say OH YES and enjoy the ease that follows.     -Melissa Mulligan 

“Sometimes the bits and pieces of running or starting a business can feel so dry and overwhelming, but not in Hannah’s business circles!  She taught me how to bring the magic of manifestation and of loving insight into my business. During our time together in the circle, she gave both loving encouragement and the occasional ass-kicking as needed. As always, she brings her honesty, spot-on intuition, and big, big love to her people. The participants in the group were amazing too and the circle provided such a rich support where I could bring my questions and issues to the table and receive a wide variety of incredible perspectives.
As a result of working in the circle, my own business continues to grow and I began a second one. I always love my work with Hannah and bringing the magic to my businesses has been a whole other level of awesomeness!”  – Marisa Donlin







Come home to me baby

August 16, 2015



I am learning to drive a boat. This is a dream. One I barely knew I held. In a place I now hold as another home. A heart home. A home where love is more than I ever imagined and twinkle lights tease the water as I sip my morning coffee and say prayers to the lake.

I am learning to drive a boat. I need constant practice and repetition to feel secure and safe when I am driving. Docking the boat can make me feel like a complete failure.

The first time I took the wheel it was going at a snail’s pace. I couldn’t control it. Every time I turned the wheel there would be a delay in the movement of the boat so I would think I needed to turn it more or differently. I didn’t realize I had to be patient and wait.

When you are going slowly in a motor boat it is constant adjustments, it is harder than when the boat is on a plane, which might be one of my most intensely joyful feelings.

Every now and then when I get the boat into a plane (which means you go really really fast and the boat literally rises on top of the water and it feels like flying) and then I back off the speed the plane falls away. I am still learning to talk and listen to the boat and the water and the wind to find the speed that it is asking to be at to stay on the plane each time. And each time it is different.

You have to learn to feel it.

When I fall off the plane I feel frustration and like I will never get it. I like to get things right. I don’t like to fail.

I have patience issues. I want everything I want now. I don’t want to wait. I don’t want to make constant adjustments because I don’t like going slow.

I am learning to drive a boat. The boat is teaching me to feel speed and movement. The other night I drove my love and I out to the big basin during magic hour. I got up into a plane and the wind blew my hair and the sky was pink and I was watching this man sit on his boat and be driven, I watched him relax as I took control.

I cried as the wind stung my eyes.

Then we tucked ourselves into a spot where we could both sit and watch the sunset while the boat rocked us deeper into a snuggle.

The sky kept changing. From pink to purples to blues and grays. We were both in awe. It was one of the favorite moments of my life.

It is what I hold onto when we fall off of our personal plane. When we go from feeling so high and in love to fighting and being triggered from our past twenty years each of old stories and hurts and wounds and holes and fears.

We are scared. We are scared of how good this feels inside of a really fucked up time. Two divorces, kids, transitions, a time when neither of us expected to meet and fall in love in about two hours. We go from a snail’s pace making constant adjustments for the other to being on the plane, tears of joy stinging our eyes and then we stop listening, hearing and we fall off the plane.

Boom. Ouch. Fear. More fear.

We have our old fears. The ones we carried from childhood into our past marriages and then created new ones inside of soul contracts that needed to end.

We have those fears and they are being challenged by the other that maybe they are no longer true.

When you challenge someone’s deepest fears by giving them more love than they have ever felt, it should be easy, but, it kind of is like when I mess up docking the boat or I fall off a plane and I pull away from the wheel and say, “forget it, i can’t do this.”

It is that moment of wanting to run from what you want most because it means you have to be inside of the fear, challenge it for yourself because no one can confront it for you.

Every time I witness myself manifest my fears I am amazed at how powerful of a manifestor I am. Luckily I have a partner and friends who won’t let me get away with the fears being more than my joy bubble.

After I refused to touch the boat again after messing up the docking and then turning the starter instead of shutting the engine down (yep, seriously) I made a choice to vision my next boat ride. I saw the planes, I saw myself feeling the water, the boat, the wind. I asked my love to talk me slowly through each thing as though I had never done any of it before so I could feel safe in my fear of messing up.

I docked perfectly. I understood and I visioned it before and during. And my love held space for my fear. He let me process then heard what I needed to move through the fear together.

And now I find myself needing to give him space for his fears. I need to let him process and hear what he needs from me.

We are making constant adjustments every time we slow down and make space so that we may find our way to each other.

We want to come home to each other. We want to dock the boat together. We want to create a new way of loving and nurturing and holding space.

We plane. We fall. We make love. We adjust again. We feel. We listen. We hear. We process. We dock. We make more love.

And we say…

Come home to me baby, come home.

xo – Hannah


Laughing Loon Retreat

We have only 4 spaces left at our magical retreat where loons swim and candles are generously lit.

And the food… well, the food will be amazing.

The Laughing Loon retreat from September 24-27th  in Maine.

Join us.






A 30 day course in community, connection and gathering

October 13th under the New Moon


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The first idea came as I was walking the dog thinking about my weekly newsletter, Making Space, and my heart was overflowing with the gratitude for the responses I get from this gorgeous community each time I send one out. I thought, this is community grace. It feels like a long table under the stars, set with water glasses and wine goblets, bowls flowing with salads and soups and community gathering around in truth and harmony. Being together, sharing a common goal (that beautiful meal and conversation).

To me community grace is each of our hands showing the deep truth of who we are and what we desire. Our hands painting or cooking or writing or praying or holding or sewing or touching or planting or smoothing the table cloth on the long wooden table as we prepare for our meal.

They always have a story, each program I create. If my memory was better I would remember what the idea for this program first was. It wasn’t as it looks now. It grew and expanded, it shape shifted into Community Grace.

The idea settled in and started to talk to me, as they all do. They almost create themselves as I witness what they want to become. My community without knowing it helps each program become what it needs to be.

Gathering your community, your audience, is finding those that deeply resonate with and need the words you are sharing with them. A community can start with just one other person or 100 people. Each person in your community is unique and helps you stand in your light.

I want to guide you towards creating your own community grace. I want you to see that creating community can be as simple as holding out your hands in trust and truth and asking others to walk with you.


(photo Ruth Clark)

For 30 days we will play::

  • A prompt every other day for 30 days, a day to explore it and a day to talk about it within our private community.
  • New ways to think about using your words, images, social media and other resources to build connection and audience.
  • Intuitive strategies to start to create the community you want to guide and be a part of.
  • Gentle pushes to move through the fear of your voice.
  • A chance to ‘play’ with your words, images and connections through prompts that open you up a bit.
  • Connecting the word joyful to your writing.
  • Find a new way to view virtual connecting. (I adore it!)
  • How to see newsletters, social media, blogging and marketing as amazingly beautiful tools, like love notes.
  • Expand your safe boundaries, push your edges, explore how to assemble your community.
  • Closed Facebook community group where we will hold our discussions and connect with one another

Who is this for::

  • Women who are using their words to gather community and build tribe.
  • Women who are blogging inside of businesses.
  • Women who are writing and want to find a way to expand their connections and create a little community grace in their lives.
  • Women who crave deeper connection and tribe within their work, online or off.
  • Women who are ready to stop viewing social media and marketing as bad.
  • Women who believe that creativity and intuition are vital parts of business and gathering.
  • Women who desire tribe around their blog or business.
  • Women who are open to exploring connection, bravery and vulnerability inside their work.


Words from women in my community::

“In the clamor and noise of marketing mayhem, Hannah Marcotti writes in a gentle yet fierce voice. In Community Grace, I turned my thinking around. Instead of trying to “promote to my target audience,” I learned that I needed to attract the people I want to hang out with and who want to hang out with me. This was huge medicine for me as an online entrepreneur.

Hannah taught us how to find and envision the grace that is within, to honor it and express it. Even better, we came together as a community that was loving and supportive.”

“This program came into my life at the exact moment I needed it. I was craving direction in my new business and blog, and Hannah gave us such a gift with helping us discover our voices. I found my way to connect to my tribe through my writing, and at the same time, dive deeper into my true self and embracing my vulnerability. I made life long friends with the other women who joined. This program expanded my business and my world. I am so grateful for my experience.”


“The catalysts for my biggest a-ha moments during the program were pieces of your story and the stories of our Joy sisters – the reflection of self and possibility, connecting us all as one.”

“I’m a writer who believes ARDENTLY in the power of community. I thrive when I’m connected to other writers who can just hold space for my work and share what it’s like to be living the writers life. The community you’ve created, Hannah, is so unique and so special. I think we’re all called to connect with others when we need it most– and I really believe the communities we find are the exact ones we need at that point in our lives.”

“I am missing Hannah’s daily emails, it had become part of my morning ritual. I would read them on my cell phone before getting out of bed every morning.”

“Thank you all so much for your unconditional love, support, laughs and tears. Love being a part of this amazing group.”

“I did not have any expectations going in and I learned this: to allow my creative side to gets its groove back, slow my roll and enJOY more of the *now* and gobble up all the inspiring stories of your daily letters and the fantastically beautiful, strong women in this group.”

When will we start to play::

  • October 13th under the New Moon
  • A prompt one day, a group discussion around it the next. For 30 days. 15 prompts, 15 days to explore and discuss each prompt.
  • This is play, fun, expanding your vision for the power of your blog or business.

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Questions you might have::

Is this a writing course? No, I won’t be critiquing your writing but I will be giving you prompts to explore using your words to gather the strength of community and connection around your writing. I know awesome writing coaches if you need a reference.

Will the prompts help me with blogging? I hope so! We will play and you will explore your words in different ways. My hope is that you’d get some great posts written inspired by writing for connecting and community building.

In 30 days will I have increased my community? If you connect with just one person in these 30 days the answer to this will be yes! And I will be asking you to connect.

Will you be telling stories of how you built your community and made such awesome connections? Why of course, thanks for asking, I love to tell stories! I will be sharing through stories written and some videos during the 30 days.

Is this about making more money with my blog? Nope, not during these 30 days. Eventually, yes. Our focus is not on money but on building connection and community around your blog or business. The money making bit is that next layer on top of the community. But if you don’t have a community to sell to, you aren’t making any money.

Do I need to be active on the Facebook group? Yes. This is where we will explore and discuss together. Not everyone will be as prolific as others on the group but to fully get the experience of the course (which is all about connection and community) you need to show up. If Facebook has never been your thing, let me convince you that this group is magical, but you have to show up and give me the chance to sway you!

What if I’m not playful in the online world? Then go ahead and sign up, I’ll help you with that! We will play and I hope that at the end of these days you will view social media and marketing with new eyes.

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A 30 day course in community, connection and gathering

October 13th, under the New Moon


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My partner and I recently visited a neighbor who had lost his wife in January. They were together for fifty years.

For fifty years they were love.

For fifty years he worshipped her.

For fifty years a love affair.

For fifty years if their love is anything like mine, there was passion in the form of brilliant sex and fights and highs and lows.

And now he is angry that she is gone. He is angry that the end of her life was all about changing her diapers and lifting her when she fell and then she died and he is left with all the grief and nothing defining him anymore.

He put her love letters into a book with pictures of them over the years. He writes her poems every day.

I sat next to him on his chair on the sand and I cried and touched his arm as he opened the book of love letters to read us some.

He was one of the saddest humans I have held space for. I knew as we spent time with him that I was there to give him a chance to be heard, even though it was really hard for us to hear it all as he was lost in grief and anger at the loss.

I also knew that I was there with my partner, on the sand that day because love is my superpower.

I love hard. Deep. Strong.

When I am grounded my love is a gift. When I am scared, flailing in my life my love can be hard to hold, it can push people away.

I struggle with letting others love me. The receiving of love feels almost impossible some days. I can hear my love say, “I love you,” and within minutes not be able to believe it or feel it. Like it gets flung into space the moment it is given to me and I look up to the sky curious as to what could be up there.

There is a little gap in my love superpower. It can’t be truly whole unless I practice letting others love me, show up for me.

I think some days I am holding up the world and if I stop, if I let my guard down and show vulnerability or I ask for help or I just simply let others control some of it, the world will crack.

And in that crack everything I love and have worked for will fall into that crack in the world and I will be alone with no one to love.

What I am being taught through other’s love for me is that the crack is actually there. The crack is mine. It is in my heart, my soul. It is my damage. My baggage. My old stories and fears.

The only thing I am holding up by trying to love without letting others do for me is an unwillingness to be free inside of love.

Love is my superpower. And there is a crack inside of it.

That crack is my healing place. It is where my anger flows so it may be released into fears that may be released into sadness that may be released into a smile that may be released into joy that may be released into melting into the love from others as I learn to feel it.

I love hard. Deep. Strong.

And I am loved hard. Deep. Strong.

Love is my superpower. And I will receive it. I will feel it.

We left our neighbors house and processed the experience together. We poured a glass of wine and sat outside and talked about the parts of his story that made an impact on us, and the way the love had turned into so many other feelings.

We talked about how our love had made us believe in a forever again. In fifty years, though I want sixty. Our love is changing me forever. Healing me. Our love is messy and raw and sometimes makes me want to run so fast because I am so scared of the anger and grief that comes up for us as we are healing our wounds.

I keep thinking about our neighbors love and sadness. His love affair and how I knew we needed to be there for him on this day.

Because love is how superpower.

Because we love hard. Deep. Strong.

Especially in the cracks.


Meet the Team

July 15, 2015

I am so delighted to introduce the team of women who will be supporting us at the Laughing Loon Retreat in September.


Kristen Davis – Intuitive Light Infuser and Logistics Muse

Kristen is a moment hunter & sacred navigator, writer and creator who believes in the power of connection, compassion and truth telling.  Kristen is an intuitive guide & supporter to women who are living the lives they desire.

She is a lover of details, sarcasm, laughter, reflection and sacred pause.  She can often be found reading a book, sipping really good tequila & hanging out near the water.



Jenny Dunham – Heart Space Holder

Jenny is attuned to whispers of the heart. She is a grounded and gentle holder of safe space, a firestarter, creative gypsy and bubble of joy.   She lives in the beautiful mountains of Vermont with her soul mate and three children, wears many hats at their family business, co-dreams at #coyoteloon and is full of surprises.
She adores her morning coffee, creative downloads, circling with her women, all the smiles, all the belly laughs and all the love.



Bernadette Vaughan – Dream Weaver

Born & bred in Rhode Island, Bernadette enjoys hard rock, smooth whiskey and reruns of Bewitched. She knits or sews or embroiders a little something everyday and feels most like herself when she’s making stuff.

She is generally an animal lover but very much dislikes horseshoe crabs. She lives with her dashing husband, who makes her laugh and refers to her as “the Bad Roomate” and a young son , who hangs the stars in her sky and still acknowledges her in public (mostly).



Ruth Clark – Digital Visionary

Ruth Clark is a writer and artist residing in Providence, Rhode Island. Her work is inspired by deep connection, deep honesty, and deep love. (She’s a Scorpio, after all.) She’s into: being real and writing constantly, full moons and early mornings, wandering the woods and hanging with her siblings, social justice and connected conversation.


MarisaMarisa Donlin – Luscious Soul Illuminator

Marisa is an acupuncturist in Massachusetts, nourishing bodies and spirits through the wisdom of Chinese Medicine.

She is a spark holder and witness to transformation and change.  She believes in self love, truth telling and divine creativity.  She can often be found near the oceans, rivers and lakes, embodying the color orange, laughing till release and and wrangling her two (often pant less) boys. She has a not-so-secret love for all things Eddie Vedder.



Melissa Gaethofs – Vibration Coordinator

Melissa is a florist and collage artist who lives in Rhode Island with her badass husband and two kitties.  She is limitless energy,  bursting at the seams to be more.  She is light and airy, fun and fearless.    She is a creator and a doer… always on the move and always looking to create something extraordinary.

She believes in having fun and in belly laughing until we ache… and crying until we don’t.  And her life begins again every damn day, with every new amazing soul she encounters.


JamieLLJamie Luzenski – Goddess of Loving Nourishment

Jamie is a vivacious free spirit on a journey to celebrate the idea that food can be love. She believes that the ocean speaks to her, trees whisper her name and wild things breathe her language.

Jamie is a Southern California native living in the San Diego area with her furchildren: two dogs and two cats. She is most comfortable in flip flops or ugg boots. Jamie is in love with sparkles, amazing food, belly laughs, hugs, and she never met a wine she did not like.

MMulliganMelissa Mulligan – Soul Song Guide

Melissa is a vocal coach & creativity coach who believes in passionately creating the lives we are meant to live.  She is a permission-granter of unbridled dreams and a believer in the healing power of self-expression.  Her company, Melissa Mulligan Vocal Studios (MMVS), develops singers, recording artists, songwriters and musical coaches worldwide.



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Mindy Scime – Magical Gathering Guru

Mindy is a mindful, badass truth-teller. She lives in Niagara Falls with her husband, two daughters, two cats, and a hedgehog. (All of which have names beginning with M because her family is cheesy like that.) She loves deep breaths, hot tea, and finding beauty inside the hard places.

Mindy believes that every time a woman steps into her truth it changes the world. Through her work as a therapist, yoga teacher, and writer she creates safe, sacred spaces for women to own their truth. When she’s not connecting with her brave tribe of dreamers she can often be found guzzling water, running to Florence and The Machine, and snapping a selfie, all in the name of badass self-care.


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