Vagina. And heart.

October 16, 2014

cocktail ring on heart

she feels love.
she pulses.
she gets so angry.
she opens and yields.
she strengthens.
she tears.
she cries.
she rains.
she adores.
she feels fear.
she knows you.
she trusts.
she won’t let you in.
she needs you.
she holds your heart.
she misses your touch.
she wants her spirit truths.
she holds all the feelings.
she knows what you may be afraid to hear.
she will speak it through pleasure and pain.


Join Mara Glatzel and I for a workshop about pleasure and the rise of your sexual self. Your vagina. Your heart. Your home. Your skin. Your beauty. Your wants.

There will be all the feelings, healing and laughter. And some really good food.

In her skin. Nov 15 and 16 at The Loft in Pawtucket, RI. There are 2 spots left. We have suggested the Dean Hotel for those who are traveling as it is awesome.


123PicMonkey CollageSince I was young clothes and accesories have felt like joy to me. Being dramatic is in my blood and bones and I remember dancing around to choreographed and costumed performances (with yellow flowers in hair) of Copacabana. I also never wore a pair of jeans when I was young because they didn’t feel right. They didn’t move with my body, they were tight and those buttons! The first time I put on a vest (um, yes, they were a thing) I thought my skin was being eaten by it, you could not tear it off fast enough.

Learning years later that I was highly sensitive also came along with the invention of the stretch jean. We just get better. I love being covered in rings and bracelets, it grounds me. I feel my best when I have tight leggings and tank tops as my first layer of clothing; in the summer, the only layer I need.

Every Instagram picture with one of my dramatic treasures usually gets the ask of where did you get that. Here are some of those answers.

1. Twisted Whimsy Designs. Phoenix Rising.

2. Super Love Tees. Do all things with love. Or seriously, just get one of each.

3. I found this scarf/wrap (mine was without wool, sensitive to that wool I am) at this Etsy shop, it was one of a kind but they have a similar one in blue that is gorgeous.

4567PicMonkey Collage

4. Teeki. My magical unicorn leggings. Oh yes. Oh yes. Lisa (also a yummy treasure herself) shares my love of all things amazing and sent me a text telling me I must get these leggings. They are so good. High waist. Triangle crotch, I mean, smart. The funkiest patterns ever. The unicorn pattern seems to be a bit hard to find now. You can’t see in this photo but two beautiful white unicorns are on the back of the leggings.

5. Raising Unicorns. To go with the magic lifestyle of course.

6. Mermaid on Unicorn. #dramatictreasures

7. All unicorns need metallic tattoos. I get mine here, they sell out from time to time but usually come right back in stock.


812PicMonkey Collage

8. Marcella Moda. My all time most delicious find. As though she is reading my mind when designing her clothes. As a woman with a belly I need some draping but I love when things are tight. This shirt and most of her clothes are magic for me.

9. You call it utility belt, I call it modern woman’s fanny pack. I get stopped in Whole Foods every time with someone wanting to know where I got it. It is that sexy. LeilaMos, totally gorgeous etsy shop.

10. Sea of Wolves Design. Henna style wing print bamboo leggings with high waist. Yum.

11. I have crazy hair. It bends, curls, waves and is straight. So I work with it. My hair routine is so crazy that I won’t even tell you, but I get asked all the time what I use. It is this cream and this spray. I am an addict of Trader Joe’s conditioner. I wash my hair only 2-3 times a week. The less, the healthier and more crazy it gets. It takes some time to train your hair to not need washing. It has been months and now I can easily let it go. The winter makes me want to condition it a bit more often, without the humidity it can be a bit dry.

12. Warrior shield ring. From Mountain Lust. I am in love with this shop. Follow Taryn on Instagram at mountainlustjewelry and you’ll see why. She is gorgeous in all the ways. I needed to call some serious warrior love into my life and somehow found this ring quite accidentally. Or, not. ;)

None of these links are affiliate. Just things I love.


Hearing her say.

October 3, 2014


she said, you give me hope.

she said, you are adorable.

she said, soul-mate-sister-unicorn.

she said, because I “fell in love” with you, the very first time I discovered you.

she said, i had this strong spirit whisper to email, so i am.

she said, you are so special in a stranger’s life more than you know.

she said, because you asked and because your work has stayed in me working it’s magic for a year.

she said, woman, you lit me up and i am fullfilled.

she said, you took me from questioning to permission.

she said, i choose myself, in every iteration i am now and will become. i choose.

she said, i feel belonging here that i have not experienced and acceptance, and so much love.

she said, i have discovered my sacred yes.

she said, so much of this finds me right now, where i am, perfectly.

she said, i wanted you to know the affect you had on someone you don’t even know.

she said, but this. this went deep deep into my heart. in a healing way. i loved every single word.

she said, hell yes. love you to pieces.
‘she said’ is the prompt for my Community Grace course today. I took myself up on my own prompt and opened some of the words that flow towards me and often I am unable to hold. This work is so intimate, so life altering and so simple. There are times when I need to sit down and read the words and ground in the blessings that I receive.

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September 27, 2014


I am not bohemian but bone and feather and braid and patchouli dance on me.

I am not sick but I can’t breathe.

I am not writer but every word I catch.

I am not my iphone but I cannot put it down.

I am not anger but I am pissed that I am here.

I am not quenched but my lips won’t invite the water in.

I am not storyteller but I won’t stop talking.

I am not colorful but I shine golden.

I am not desire but every cell of my spirit and skin burn with feeling.


The urge and the practice.

September 26, 2014


I remember a time when blogging was my source of breath. Things didn’t feel real until I put them onto a post and hit publish.

Even when I have to be cryptic, writing is my way of feeling into something.

When I started doing more writing for programs all my word juice flowed into my circles and courses. The priority became program prompts and weekly newsletters. My newsletter each Thursday morning is my heart on the page. It is current, always written the day or two before it sends out. It is my love note to myself that I hold as prayer that it reaches you in your heart space. We tend to vibrate in such similar places with moon cycles and awakenings and rawness.

Instagram has become my mini blog. I love Instagram, the way it has connected me and gifted me with friendships moved into real life. By far it is my favorite social media medium.

What would have been blog posts become tiny posts on Instagram. Something has changed in the blogging world. I used to get these hits of a blog and I couldn’t not write them. I felt so connected to community in my blog space. The urge to write was my practice. The hit would come, I would grab the computer and bang it out.

I was an avid reader of blogs. Not so much anymore. There is so much out there. I find myself on overload. My morning used to start with some coffee and my favorite bloggers. These days it is a quick stroll through my Insta feed. Visual. Connected. Caffeinated.

I want to love my blog again. To breathe new life into it. I want a new way of connecting through that space.

What I know is that it has to change. To be new. Exciting or simple or raw or something…

It also has to become once again the thing I can’t not do or else it no longer feels right in my spirit.

This is one of the practices I am exploring through this 2014 round of Community Grace. I am asking myself the questions around what, why and when and going back to the basics of why people started blogging so many years ago. I am trying to look beyond our now and see where the blog’s becomings are. I am looking at the bloggers who still draw me forth and in and why.

I am wondering and dreaming about practices and challenges and giving things away with my new eyes. Eyes that I will share with you and ask you about inside of our crazy creative and loving Community Grace group.

If you feel called to join us we start on Monday. I am going back and reworking our prompts to bring us to 2014 and all that is new and has changed and also admiring the timelessness of so many of the prompts around building community. Just like a potluck, they never ever become dated, only made more beautiful.

I have never followed a business plan or believed in the ‘do it this way because everyone else is’ model. I tend to run from all of that. To know it can have ease and inspiration and a unique edge that each of us carries inside of us. I also believe in using the tools and trends to our advantage, in studying what is working and what is saturated.

For years when I started my business I listened to a lot of feedback that I didn’t welcome. Typically it was around my charging to low or not having a fancier website. I would allow people to have their say, answering unasked questions (I am not one to ever ask for feedback) and then I would keep pricing intuitively and I let my website continue to be a cozy home that felt like a cup of tea and a head rub.

I focused on community building. It’s what I do, what comes naturally to me. It is my every day desire. Connect. Build community. Be grace. Listen.

Since I was a young child I have been circling, holding space for connection.

This community building is something we must do if we are to create sustainable businesses for ourselves. Connecting is vital if we want someone on the other side of our blog, because we aren’t writing it just for us, that is a journal tucked in your underwear drawer.

It isn’t about money. In the beginning. As we build the community and have offerings that we now have people to serve and offer to, it slowly and with ease, flows into monetary abundance.

If you are willing to step in your own community grace.




hannah in maine collage1hannah in maine collage4hannah in maine collage3hannah in maine collage2hannah in maine collage5It is crazy swirling magic here. I came a few days early to give myself time to slowly transform the space, unpack groceries, sit by the lake and really feel the beauty of what is about to happen.

On Wednesday, 25 women from the 2014 Magic Making Circle will have their retreat on the most stunning Maine lake I have ever seen. It is a lot to hold. The planning has been for months, though I am much more of a last minute person, retreats leave just tiny bits of space for all the last minute. I’ve gathered surprises and secrets for months waiting for this week.

I have an incredible team who will join me on Tuesday for the pre-retreat prep. When they walk in I will have  created just enough magic and made quite a few lists and then I leave it in their capable hands while I flutter around making sure we stay hydrated and happy.

The details to me are the most important part. S’more stations and altars and spirit guides and sheepskin. Homemade tomato soup and chia pudding. Meditations and quotes, yoga and beads.

This is my third time circling with my Magic Makers, a new group each time. I am hooked. Addicted. In complete love.

We were meant to be here on this lake, I can feel the truths and change that will come from settling ourselves on her docks and tucking inside her cabins. I am already new from a few hours in the sun and listening to the water play around with time.

Twinkle lights and faith change everything.



Name your longing.

September 4, 2014

Sharing today’s prompt from A Woman’s Thirst. Day 24.


Name your longing.

We all ache and long and want. Often that is labeled as a negative, to want, to deserve, to desire.

Today name a longing inside of you.

A roadtrip. A tattoo. A kiss. A home. A friend.

To lose the weight that was put on to protect from that which no longer harms you.
To grow your hair down to your knees.
To get the certification.
To jump naked into the next dream.
To visit every state.
To make love under the stars listening to the waves.
To be cherished.
To align it.
To make-out with time.
To make a baby.
To let your baby grow up.
To love again.
To be free.

What do you long for? Give it a name. Will you share with us in the comments one longing of today?

photo credit Ruth Clark




You are the magic.

August 31, 2014


Today with an overwhelmingly full heart, I officially closed my Magic Making Circle with a Sunday Blessing. Sunday blessings have been part of my circles for almost 2 years now and have become one of my favorite pieces of writing and sharing with my circles.

I made a video for them and want to share it with all of you too. You are magic.

Will there be another round of Magic Making Circle? Yes. There will. Registration will open in January of 2015 and you can add your name to a list to be one of the first to know about it. (Spaces are limited.)

In November, December, January and February I will be leading a Business Magic Making Circle with 20 alumni of the past circles. I love to create just what the women need for what we call “Phase Two” of the circle. It is always more intense and focused. This year I had this crazy idea to co-create the content of the Business Circle with the women. I am so nervous and joyful about how this will come together, I promise to share more as it unfolds.

On Saturday I will be packing up the mini-van to drive to Maine and start setting up the celebration retreat for 25 of the women from Magic Making Circle, one woman coming all the way from Scotland. There will be cabins in the woods, a lake with kayaks and canoes, fire pits, twinkle lights and all the little magic that myself and my team have been preparing. And tomato soup. Have I mentioned I am making homemade tomato soup for 25 with freshly roasted tomatoes? I am pretty sure my whole food budget went into that soup pot!

It is always the details that make the magic. The details that take hours preparing are the fairy dust sprinkled, transforming a gathering into a soul-changing experience.

I will be spending this week in details, it is my love language.

I want to say thank you to my circle of 60 women who have journeyed together for half a year. We are a mixture of sad to say good-bye and blissful at the changes happening within each of us. I will be asking some of the women to share some words and photos here on my blog in the coming months. I want to capture their faces and joys for you because they are the greatest inspiration I know.

Happy Sunday. Sat Nam.

Today we bless what we shall be, what we will vibrate with and what we choose each morning. Our blessings come from us, they start with us. We are blessings of magic and joy. Today I bless our circle, our time together, our soulwork and all that is becoming.

(Hand photo by the beautiful Ruth Clark)


“Use whatever excuse you can to vibrate in harmony with those things you’ve been saying you want…”

~ Abraham

bella gracePhoto by Catherine Just

There is a place inside of each of us that longs for forgiveness.

For the fight last night.
For yelling at the kids when they spilled the cereal all over the floor.
For saying no when he reached over to touch you.
For swearing at the guy who cut you off and almost made you smash into him.
For pulling yourself further and further away from that person because he/she hurts your heart.
For wanting to leave.
For wanting to stay.
For using formula instead of your boobs.
For talking too much.
For forgetting her birthday and what it meant to her.
For telling yourself every morning that you are fat and unlovable.
For the pain of not being a fortune teller of your future.
For being late every time.
For wishing you could love him more, today.
For fantasizing over another.
For wanting to step into her life.
For the pregnancy you didn’t have.
For the one who couldn’t be there.
For the book that you refuse to write.
For the fear that has held you from movement.
For the love of another.
For the lust of crumbs. And then more crumbs.
For not signing up to go.
For becoming more like her than you ever thought you would.
For wishing that five years ago, ten years ago you had…
For letting the house become a shit show.
For waking up without gratitude.

Those places need only one thing. Your forgiveness. Ask. Ask them for forgiveness.

Then keep going. Keep living so gorgeously and let forgiveness be part of that life.

Bless your past. Forgive. Now move. Move from what was and into the depth of what forgiveness allows, which is peace in your now.

Today we bless what has come before. We allow the choices of our past to be released into the beauty of all that has created our now. We take time to find the places that feel stuck because they long for our own forgiveness. We ask. We forgive. And so it is.


Seeing my words and photos inside the smooth, matte pages of Bella Grace was a dream realized. To touch a magazine that I am a part of, to gift it, to save it, to savor it… beyond.

As part of the Bella Grace blog hop I am delighted to give away one copy of the premier issue of this magazine that really is more like a book.

I am also throwing in a few more treasures, like a sparkling gold and silver temporary tattoo (because I love tattoos) and one of my favorite rings from a store on Block Island. Looks a bit like this one. And…two spots in Community Grace. You can keep one and give one away or give both away.

To enter the giveaway please leave one forgiveness. One thing that you would like to ask yourself to forgive. 

Congrats Christine Egan!!!

There is a place inside of us that longs for forgiveness ::


Let’s hold it together, as a magical circle, and forgive with full compassion for us.




A 30 day course in community, connection and gathering

September 29th


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The first idea came as I was walking the dog thinking about my weekly newsletter, Making Space, and my heart was overflowing with the gratitude for the responses I get from this gorgeous community each time I send one out. I thought, this is community grace. It feels like a long table under the stars, set with water glasses and wine goblets, bowls flowing with salads and soups and community gathering around in truth and harmony. Being together, sharing a common goal (that beautiful meal and conversation).

To me community grace is each of our hands showing the deep truth of who we are and what we desire. Our hands painting or cooking or writing or praying or holding or sewing or touching or planting or smoothing the table cloth on the long wooden table as we prepare for our meal.

They always have a story, each program I create. If my memory was better I would remember what the idea for this program first was. It wasn’t as it looks now. It grew and expanded, it shape shifted into Community Grace.

The idea settled in and started to talk to me, as they all do. They almost create themselves as I witness what they want to become. My community without knowing it helps each program become what it needs to be.

Gathering your community, your audience, is finding those that deeply resonate with and need the words you are sharing with them. A community can start with just one other person or 100 people. Each person in your community is unique and helps you stand in your light.

I want to guide you towards creating your own community grace. I want you to see that creating community can be as simple as holding out your hands in trust and truth and asking others to walk with you.


For 30 days we will play::

  • A prompt every other day for 30 days, a day to explore it and a day to talk about it within our private community.
  • New ways to think about using your words, images, social media and other resources to build connection and audience.
  • Intuitive strategies to start to create the community you want to guide and be a part of.
  • Gentle pushes to move through the fear of your voice.
  • A chance to ‘play’ with your words, images and connections through prompts that open you up a bit.
  • Connecting the word joyful to your writing.
  • Find a new way to view virtual connecting. (I adore it!)
  • How to see newsletters, social media, blogging and marketing as amazingly beautiful tools, like love notes.
  • Expand your safe boundaries, push your edges, explore how to assemble your community.
  • Closed Facebook community group where we will hold our discussions and connect with one another

Who is this for::

  • Women who are using their words to gather community and build tribe.
  • Women who are blogging inside of businesses.
  • Women who are writing and want to find a way to expand their connections and create a little community grace in their lives.
  • Women who crave deeper connection and tribe within their work, online or off.
  • Women who are ready to stop viewing social media and marketing as bad.
  • Women who believe that creativity and intuition are vital parts of business and gathering.
  • Women who desire tribe around their blog or business.
  • Women who are open to exploring connection, bravery and vulnerability inside their work.


 Words from women in my community::

“In the clamor and noise of marketing mayhem, Hannah Marcotti writes in a gentle yet fierce voice.  In Community Grace, I turned my thinking around.  Instead of trying to “promote to my target audience,”  I learned that I needed to attract the people I want to hang out with and who want to hang out with me.  This was huge medicine for me as an online entrepreneur.

Hannah taught us how to find and envision the grace that is within, to honor it and express it.  Even better, we came together as a community that was loving and supportive.” ~ Loran Hills

“This program came into my life at the exact moment I needed it. I was craving direction in my new business and blog, and Hannah gave us such a gift with helping us discover our voices. I found my way to connect to my tribe through my writing, and at the same time, dive deeper into my true self and embracing my vulnerability. I made life long friends with the other women who joined. This program expanded my business and my world. I am so grateful for my experience.” ~Jessica DeFeo


“The catalysts for my biggest a-ha moments during the program were pieces of your story and the stories of our Joy sisters – the reflection of self and possibility, connecting us all as one.”

“I’m a writer who believes ARDENTLY in the power of community. I thrive when I’m connected to other writers who can just hold space for my work and share what it’s like to be living the writers life. The community you’ve created, Hannah, is so unique and so special. I think we’re all called to connect with others when we need it most– and I really believe the communities we find are the exact ones we need at that point in our lives.”

“I am missing Hannah’s daily emails, it had become part of my morning ritual. I would read them on my cell phone before getting out of bed every morning.”

“Thank you all so much for your unconditional love, support, laughs and tears. Love being a part of this amazing group.”

“I did not have any expectations going in and I learned this: to allow my creative side to gets its groove back, slow my roll and enJOY more of the *now* and gobble up all the inspiring stories of your daily letters and the fantastically beautiful, strong women in this group.”

When will we start to play::

  • September 29th
  • A prompt one day, a group discussion around it the next. For 30 days. 15 prompts, 15 days to explore and discuss each prompt.
  • This is play, fun, expanding your vision for the power of your blog or business.

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Questions you might have::

Is this a writing course? No, I won’t be critiquing your writing but I will be giving you prompts to explore using your words to gather the strength of community and connection around your writing. I know awesome writing coaches if you need a reference.

Will the prompts help me with blogging? I hope so! We will play and you will explore your words in different ways. My hope is that you’d get some great posts written inspired by writing for connecting and community building.

In 30 days will I have increased my community? If you connect with just one person in these 30 days the answer to this will be yes! And I will be asking you to connect.

Will you be telling stories of how you built your community and made such awesome connections? Why of course, thanks for asking, I love to tell stories! I will be sharing through stories written and some videos during the 30 days.

Is this about making more money with my blog? Nope, not during these 30 days. Eventually, yes. Our focus is not on money but on building connection and community around your blog or business. The money making bit is that next layer on top of the community. But if you don’t have a community to sell to, you aren’t making any money.

Do I need to be active on the Facebook group? Yes. This is where we will explore and discuss together. Not everyone will be as prolific as others on the group but to fully get the experience of the course (which is all about connection and community) you need to show up. If Facebook has never been your thing, let me convince you that this group is magical, but you have to show up and give me the chance to sway you!

What if I’m not playful in the online world? Then go ahead and sign up, I’ll help you with that! We will play and I hope that at the end of these days you will view social media and marketing with new eyes.

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A 30 day course in community, connection and gathering

September 29th


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