The Making Space Cleanse

How do we get from where we are to where we want to be? We make space for the joy in our now and watch the magic unfold.


Here is the deal. I am done with rules.

This year is about Ritual, Trust and Magic for me and I want to invite you along.

This is only the beginning of inviting the magic in and dancing inside of rituals that feed our spirits and trusting that we are not only enough, but if enough could spill into overflowing, that is what we are.

Our homes, hearts and minds are all a part of the journey. Focusing on those, we can then step into the loving task of changing our life through the food we choose to eat. This is as close to balance as you can discover. Making space, seeking out ritual, knowing that you will fall out of alignment as part of life’s dance and developing the skills to ease back when you do.

  • 10 days of Making Space at your own pace!
  • Start anytime you are ready.
  • Yummy discount price as the cleanse is getting a make-over for the New Year!
  • Gift the program to a friend for free (or split the cost!).

For 10 days, making space in our homes, hearts and minds

  • One letter each day with a making space prompt, from cleaning out old spice cabinets to flipping negative thought patterns
  • Small, simple gestures that you can take on at your own pace
  • Look at why you hold onto things or have trouble letting go of stuff, thoughts, habits
  • 10 days of learning how to listen to yourself, through reflection and meditation
  • 10 days of setting aside soft space each day for dreaming, watching and simply being in your space
  • 10 days to understand the power you have to control your desires by taking on simple rituals and making more space in your life
  • A online FB group of women who have all been part of the cleanse or are going through it now.

Making space in our bodies by adding in foods that bring energy, vitality and  joy

  • Never once will you be worried about breaking a rule
  • This is 10 days of adding in foods that make your body soar
  • Daily, simple recipes to build your go-to meals, very few ingredients, family friendly
  • Nothing is “off limits” (really)
  • We will focus on replacing foods that drain your energy and add bloat to your body with exciting alternative
  • 10 days of starting each day with softness and ease for your body
  • 10 days of learning that you are enough and deserve to be treated like a goddess
  • 10 days of watching your body release the habits that are making you exhausted, frustrated and full of anxiety
  • One letter a day for 10 days with a prompt to make more space in your body using foods that create energy and fill your cells with love and healing

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who is ready to step out of the dieting world and make peace with their body
  • Women who are feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in their homes and wanting to make more space and create living spaces that are inviting, cozy and beautiful
  • Holistic business owners looking to connect to a deeper understanding of themselves, developing a deeper rhythm of self care
  • Mamas needing a support system and guidance in creating more rituals in the home and looking to feel like beautiful women again
  • Women who are ready to make more space and allow their spirits to soar

Before you sign up, please read:

  • This is not a cleanse where you have to eliminate any foods or follow a diet plan.
  • This is about creating space in your life, opening up, expanding.
  • This is about so much more than food, but food is a part of it.

Ready to make some space like these amazing women?

“You can’t ask for a more uplifting, motivating and spiritual cleanse! It was better and more inspiring than I ever imagined. You’ll wake looking forward to a motivational email. It is all done in baby steps and achievable changes.” ~ Sarah Rich


“I would recommend this enlightening, soul enriching experience, to all who believe there is more to this life that so easily becomes a rut. slightly resistant, I allowed and trusted in Hannah, one of life’s angels (whom I had never met) and on this journey I evolved in so many positive ways.” ~ Toba Dadd


“A favourite quote of mine is from The Buddha – Do not believe just because wise men say so. Do not believe just because it has always been that way.  Do not believe just because others may believe so.  Examine and experience yourself.

I experienced for myself the changes which occurred within me and my thoughts to myself and my home after the Making Space Cleanse and Hannah’s soft and beautiful wisdom.  You will learn how making your bed with linen you love can become a  sacred ritual.  How de-cluttering your home and releasing those old toys and books can release you from old emotional patterns and ways of being.  I learned that by de-cluttering my daughters old  toys I had created a space that allowed me to prepare with ease and grace her moving away from home to University.  

Yes, the simple act of releasing clutter from our homes can be that powerful. Through this connection, you will find new connections to your home and yourself.  Do not believe, just because wise women say so, examine and experience yourself – welcome to the journey.

Love and Blessings to you” ~Debbi Jackson



A beautiful daily letter holding inside of it…

  • My love letter to you and your gorgeous life
  • A Soulwork prompt
  • A video with me talking to you
  • New recipes that are simple and delicious
  • A chance to connect with me and other women going through the days (or having been through) on FB
  • 10 days to go at your own pace, to discover a you that might surprise you, to make space that is sacred, joyous and yours

When does the 10 days start?

  • As soon as you are ready.
  • Once you purchase your cleanse you will receive an email with a link asking you to enter your name and email.
  • The first letter will be sent after you enter your email and then confirm. Simple.
  • Because September is birthday month, you will get a code to gift to a friend and have them join you for your 10 days for free!

Making Space is a way to change your life through simplicity, ritual and a little magic thrown in:

$79 $49 

Use the discount code BIRTHDAY  to receive $30 off!  You will receive another discount code to gift to a friend and they will receive the cleanse for FREE!~

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When you register you will receive an email confirming your purchase and giving you the link to fill out to start your 10 days! Make sure to open it, ok?

“I loved Hannah’s Making Space Cleanse. In this beautifully-crafted program, Hannah nudges you to make simple, gentle changes that give you room to breathe and feel more present in your daily life. This space-clearing doesn’t feel like a chore and won’t overwhelm you with more for your to-do lists. By adding simple, nurturing rituals to your routine, Hannah helps you to see the clutter that’s occupying your physical space, dragging your energy down, and preventing you from inviting beauty and joy into your life. 

I cleared a lot of clutter during the cleanse, and somehow this felt light and easy to accomplish. The more I moved away, the more energy I felt. I also discovered that I’d been storing some personal baggage in a place that felt stuck for me… a wedding album from an unhappy marriage stashed away in my office. I created a sacred space and stored the album there… I’m honoring the journey I’ve been on, with all its twists and turns, but now I’ve created the space to move on and allow new and wonderful opportunities into my career and personal life. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next.” ~ Eithne Egan 

Scholarships available for those who know that this is what they need now to help grow their abundance and joy, but are unable to afford at this time. Email

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